Welcome to Saint Constantine!

Resort center in the northern Evia, with vegetation that reaches almost to the beach. It is 49 km from Lamia and 165 km from Athens and is a passage to northern Greece, the Sporades and the Aegean islands. Agios Konstantinos is built on the site of the ancient port of Dafnountos, whose Acropolis was located at the foot of Mount Knimis. It is worth visiting the church of Agios Konstantinos, built on the katholikon of an older monastery, from which Byzantine mosaics with representations of snakes are preserved.

On the beach of the settlement you will find equipment for water sports. A little further, you will swim in Longos, Kalamos and Sykies.

   (+30) 222 135 5111 / 5112
Health centres
   (+30) 222 135 0100
Port Authority
   (+30) 222 102 8888
Fire Department
   (+30) 222 108 0631 / 0632
Police Station
   (+30) 222 102 2100