Welcome to Salamina!

It is the capital of the island, a modern city with rich historical heritage and natural beauties and has been well developed in recent years.
On the beach of Salamina there are picturesque taverns and ouzo, restaurants, cafes and bars.
The municipality of Salamis organizes a big carnival on the penultimate and last Sunday of Carnival and offers sweet wine and traditional lactobureco to those present.
Another noteworthy event is the Karaiskakeia (three-day cultural and sporting events in April or May), the Fisherman’s Festival (a large folk festival with plenty of wine and fish treats) and the Municipality of Siena. A big festival takes place on the 23rd and 25th of August in the monastery of Faneromeni.

   (+30) 213 202 7300
Health centres
   (+30) 210 465 1711 / 0150
Port Authority
   (+30) 210 467 7277
Fire Department
   (+30) 210 468 5199
Police Station
   (+30) 210 465 1100