Welcome to Samothraki!

This is not only the place where one of the most important statues in the world, the famous Nike, came to light, but also a place to spend unforgettable holidays. Her mountainous face creates an exciting contrast to her calm seashores, forests and running waters. Even though its tourism is gradually developing, Samothraki retains its character unchanged, while in its interior you will find serene lakes where you can swim.
The capital is Chora – a traditional settlement with cobblestone streets and traditional tiled houses arranged amphitheatrically under the medieval castle – the port of Kamariotissa and the other villages of the island are Paleopolis, Xeropotamis, Xeropotamos, Tracer.
The dense vegetation and flowing waters make for an unusual island landscape, with many waterfalls and lakes in which you can swim. Among them stands the waterfall Griatha Pothra or Fonias, with a small lake with plane trees. The best beach of the island is Pachia Ammos. But all beaches are beautiful, such as Kamariotissa, Paleopolis and Lakkoma. In Therma, 13 km from Chora, there are thermal springs where there are three group baths and ten individual baths.
Traditional costumes, music and dances (ballo, charsilamades and butcher’s yar-like dance) take place on the 20th of July of Prophet Elias in the homonymous village, on the 26th of July in Agia Paraskevi in ​​Paleopoli . Buses will take you daily to all the settlements of the island.

   (+30) 255 135 0803
Health centres
   (+30) 255 104 1156
Port Authority
   (+30) 255 104 1305
Fire Department
   (+30) 255 104 1129
Police Station
   (+30) 255 104 1203 / 1303