Welcome to Sikinos!

The capital of Sikinos is built on the edge of the cliff, above the glistening waters of the Aegean Sea, and is 3.5 km from the port. Picturesque, like all the capitals of the Cyclades, white, with its mansions and their houses united, to protect the inhabitants of earlier times from invaders. It is the confluence of three settlements: the Village, the Vounion and the Castle, where the church of Pantanassa is located. West and southwest steep cliffs descend, while east and southeast still wall markings. Few are saved from the castle that was a medieval settlement, with the renovated building housing the community offices being one of the homes that bear witness to the past. At the highest point of the country you will see picturesque windmills.

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Health centres
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Port Authority
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Fire Department
Police Station
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