Welcome to Sitias!

The capital of the homonymous province and the birthplace of the great poet Vicentzio Cornaro, is 73 km from Agios Nikolaos. It is amphitheatrically built at the cusp of the homonymous bay at the site of ancient Hetia, which was a port of Pressos. Ancient Pressos was a city of Eto’o Cretans and was surrounded by a fortified enclosure, the relics of which you can see in the area. The Venetian fortress of Kazarma dominates at the top of the hill. There are the “Cornaria” cultural events organized by the Municipality every summer.
Worth a visit is the Archaeological Museum – among the striking exhibits stands the clay figurine of “Tanagra”, the only known grape press with authentic accessories found in Zakros, as well as the collections of vases and figurines from its palaces and palaces. – and the remarkable Folklore Museum.
You will swim on the sandy beach in front of the town and the neighboring Agia Fotia.

   (+30) 284 302 5850 / 2271
Health centres
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Port Authority
   (+30) 284 302 2310
Fire Department
   (+30) 284 302 6311
Police Station
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