Welcome to Sivota!

The beaches of the Caribbean in Greece …
It is located 25 km from Houmenitsa and is one of the most popular areas in western Greece. In the past, Sivota was located on the site of the beautiful village of Brahonas, which is not inhabited today, but the ruins and some houses with samples of 18th century architecture are preserved. – worth a visit.
The village is surrounded by four green islands which you can reach by boat. They are Choironisi, Agios Nikolaos, Mourtemeno and Mavro Oros where in 1884 a large lighthouse was built to facilitate coastal shipping. In the sea area of ​​Sivota, the important naval battle between Corfu and Corinth took place in 433 BC.

   (+30) 222 135 5111 / 5112
Health centres
   (+30) 222 135 0100
Port Authority
   (+30) 222 102 8888
Fire Department
   (+30) 222 108 0631 / 0632
Police Station
   (+30) 222 102 2100