Welcome to Skopelos!

Skopelos Town is an impressive, picturesque, densely populated state with a long history. Ornament of the two-storey or three-storey houses with red or gray tiles and stone alleys. At the center of Kastro, where the largest and oldest churches of Chora are located, we begin our tour of the flowered streets. At this location was the citadel of ancient Peparithos with its captivating view and at its foot stretches the picturesque settlement and the port with tourist traffic.
Municipalities operate the Cultural Organization of the Municipality, the Folklore Museum and in collaboration with the National Cultural Network of Cities the Skopelos Photo Center.
A variety of cultural events and photography exhibitions are organized throughout the year. Conferences and workshops are organized in May and June on topics from the island’s centuries-old history and research efforts to further its cultural and tourist development. Don’t miss the music events organized by the Municipality in late August and last for a week. On the last day there is also a plum feast, where baked plums and wine are offered.
You can reach the beaches of Sares, Agios Konstantinos and Glisteri by boat or by your own means of transport. You will also visit the cave of Trypiti by boat, with two entrances – exits.

   (+30) 242 435 0100
Health centres
   (+30) 242 402 2222
Port Authority
   (+30) 242 402 2180, 223 503 1759
Fire Department
   (+30) 242 402 4598
Police Station
   (+30) 242 402 2235