Welcome to South Kynouria!

Kynouria is a historical region and province of Arcadia. It includes the coastal part of the prefecture and the northern slopes of Parnon. Kynuria is administratively divided into two municipalities, North Kynouria and South Kynouria. The previous administrative division that had resulted from the Kapodistrias program was divided into three municipalities and one community, the municipalities of North Kynouria, Leonidio, Tyros and Kosmas. The most important settlements of Kynouria are Leonidio, Astros and Tyros.

The older settlements of the province were the mountainous settlements of Agios Petros and Prastos except Astros and Leonidio. A part of Kynouria includes the villages of the Tsakonians, a population group that speaks Tsakonian dialect. Their area occupies part of the southern main part of the province.

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