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The second largest after Livadia, Boeotia’s largest city is built on a lowland fertile area and is an agricultural, commercial and industrial center of the area. It is 45 km from Livadia. Visit the Archaeological Museum, with remarkable collections of archaic-era sculptures and many finds from the surrounding area, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, the Mycenaean tombs and the fountain of the Holy Theodore, where Oidos is said to have fled of Laiu. Also, the church of St. Luke the Evangelist, who witnessed the end of his life in Thebes, in the old cemetery of the city, with the ancient Roman shrine where his body was laid – the relic was removed around 350 AD. by Emperor Constantine, son of Saint Constantine, and today is located in Padua, Italy – the Byzantine church of Agia Fotini, the underground Early Christian church of Agia Catherine, the post-Byzantine church of Agia Fotini.
It is worth visiting the village of Ipato (12 km from Thebes) where the monastery of the Transfiguration of the 12th century is located. A nice excursion is also up to Mount Ptoon where the sanctuary of Pto Apollo was located.
Interesting is the Vlach wedding represented on Clean Monday, while cultural events including ancient drama performances and concerts, the “Pindaria”, take place in the first ten days of September.

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