The guide includes all areas of Greece that someone can visit with a boat. It includes a general description of each area, the marinas that the boat can tie in with and a map of what to visit, where to eat and have fun, local events, and valuable information on urgent need such as hospitals, police, port , fire extinguishers, pharmacies etc.

Important Tool for Travelers

•   The printed guide will be found in all yachts in Greece.

•   It will be distributed to all exhibitions abroad.

•   It is a handy tool for Greek Yachting.

•   Available in English

•   Instant access to all the Greek Marines through the maps that will be on the printed guide, the guide’s website and the application.

•  On the Guide’s website you will find an easy search engine for the areas of interest.

• Through the application you will have instant access to all the information you need.

Browse the areas of Greece.