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Psari Forada is a holiday settlement with 98 inhabitants in the southeastern part of Heraklion. Its extension is the coastal village of Sidonia. Very close to the latter is the settlement of Tertsa. Bananas, fruit and vegetables and tomatoes are grown in the area.
Sidonia has 321 inhabitants. They are 88 km southeast of Heraklion. There is the church of St. Panteleimon. Psari Forada beach has thick dark sand and several tamarisk trees.
This coastal zone is interrupted in the middle by hill complexes, thus dividing the entire surface of the plain into two sections. One section is the plain of the Fora and the other is the plain of Faflagos. The largest of the intermediate hills forms a small plateau that extends over 500 acres and is called “Tsitsina”.
The plain of Psari Forada is crossed by a torrent that only brings its waters to the sea during winter and rainy season. On the contrary, the plain of Faflagos is crossed by the river Blavaris, whose waters reached the sea by the end of spring, especially in the older years, where the drought was not severe.
There are many elements that make it one of the most privileged areas, as the particular microclimate of the area has enabled farmers to grow outdoor tomatoes in the heart of winter with a harvest season from October to April.
Summer is the most windy part of the year, as it is certain that there is no chance of disturbing your summer holidays.
Passing through the village of Kalami and after halfway, facing the plain of Psari Forada, as the inhabitants call it, one can see the settlement drowned in the olive green and the blue of the sea.
Arriving at the village square with coffee in the row you can enjoy your coffee or soft drink under the thick shade offered by the tamarisk trees, with the sand being tangled in your feet, forgetting from the first moment the tiring path you have taken until to reach.
They are all left at their own pace away from the noise of major tourist destinations, and it takes only a little while to experience the warmth of hospitality that you may encounter only once in your life.
In the winding bay, with Psarocharakos (Psaros Haraki), this small islet on the east side, with its many horizontal streaks, is an unmistakable witness of the geological changes that took place over the course of centuries, as each line on the rock reflects the times history of the earth’s crust.
The unique beach of Psari Forada from “Thiophilos” to “Psarocharakos” to “Sedona” with its gray sand beach, is a real gem with a background of deep blue sea and is the reference point of the place.
The famous beach of Psari Forada has its own story, but fortunately the inhabitants of the village, in other times where no one was talking about the environment, pioneered and protected it both from illegal sandblasting and from any interference, giving everyone we have the opportunity to enjoy it today.
The feast of colors filling the sky make up the unique sunset of Psari, with the sun slowly disappearing into the waters of the southern Cretan sea, leaving the August moon to sway in the waves, drifting away your every thought and thought. his own night path.
Every night the square is transformed, the cafes are crowded with people of all ages and the evening stroll on the beach seals the day’s journey. So calm the days are spent courageously and time has stopped, leaving the best memories to take with you leaving, with the desire the next weekend, next year to return to Sidonia, as always the moments you lived will follow you in thought and in your narratives.
Every year during the month of August, one of the best beach parties of the island takes place here, which is an attraction for visitors from all over Crete and beyond.
From the administrative point of view, the settlement of Psari Forada, as well as Sidonia, belong to the municipality of Kalami in the municipality of Viannos.
Psari Forada is built on the shores of the Libyan Sea near Mirtos and Ierapetra. Sightseeing is the Church of Our Lady of Keralimeniotissa, which reminds us that Psari Forada is a windless harbor.
In Psari Forada there are, among others, a kindergarten, primary school, pharmacy, restaurants, cafes and rooms to let. Noteworthy is the beach of Sidonia.

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