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Volos, or ancient Iolkos, is the place from which Jason began with the Argonauts, the long journey to find the golden fleece, in the Black Sea Colchis.
Volos is the capital of the Prefecture of Magnesia and the third largest port in Greece. It is a very beautiful city that lies on the Pagasitic Gulf and stretches to the foot of the beautiful Pelion and is in a privileged geographical location between Athens and Thessaloniki. Specifically it is 325 km from Athens and 216 km from Thessaloniki. Due to its port and geographical location, it is an important industrial and commercial center. It has a very good layout with beautiful neoclassical buildings, squares and its beach with the famous taverns and tsipoura that fascinate the visitor.
So strolling through the streets of the city you will find the harmonious coexistence of traditional with modern architecture. In the city of Volos it is worth visiting:
– The Archaeological Museum of Volos
– The Giorgio de Quirico Art Center
– The Church of the Holy Trinity, near Volos Hospital
– The Museum of Industrial History in the Tsalapata complex
– The Metropolitan Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos
– The Kitsos Makri Folklore Center
– The Entomological Museum
– The Printing Museum of the newspaper “Thessaly”
– The ancient city of Dimitriada
– The castle of Volos
– The Railway Museum of Thessaly
– The Nativity Church of Theotokos
– Anavros Park
The city of Volos is a city full of life and activity, causing the visitor to get to know its modern face. In Volos you will discover many comfortable hotels, markets, nightlife, rich events and, of course, the famous Tsipouro, which are an attraction for locals and visitors. Tsipouradika is a tradition started by the Asia Minor refugees, who used to gather in small cafes at the port, drinking tsipouro accompanied by seafood mainly appetizers. In the decades that followed, the tsarist jurisprudents of Volos established themselves as a meeting and communication venue for all ages.
Paths in history
One of the most important cities in the area was ancient Iolkos, on the site of which Volos was built. The site of the ancient city stands out from a tomb at the exit of the city to Larissa. Excavations here have led to the discovery of relics from two Mycenaean palaces, which probably belonged to Pelia and Emmilos.
According to mythology, long before the Trojan War broke out, the king of Ielkos Pelia sent his nephew Jason to find the Golden Fleece, hoping that he would be lost in the journey. So Jason and his men set out from the port of Iolkos for the so-called Argonautic expedition. The present name of the city is a corruption of the ancient name Golos, which we find in medieval texts referring to the city.
By boat: The port of Volos is a ferry hub and regularly hosts large cruise ships. From Skiathos in two and a half hours by speedboat in less than an hour.
By Train: From Athens in 4 hours and 45 minutes by Intercity and from Thessaloniki 3.
By Bus: From Athens in 4 hours and 30 minutes and from Thessaloniki in 2.
By Plane: Nea Anchialos and Skiathos airports connect Magnesia to the world via charter and connections to Athens and Thessaloniki.

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