Welcome to Zaharo!

Zacharo is a town in southwestern Greece in the western Peloponnese. Administratively it belongs to the Ilia Regional Unit of the Region of Western Greece. The city is crossed by the GR-9 / E55 Highway, which connects Patras with Kalamata. Zacharo is 32 kilometers (southwest) from the Tower, 17 kilometers (south) from Krestena, 24 kilometers from Olympia (southwest), about 30 kilometers from Kyparissia (north) and 90 kilometers from Kalamata (northwest). It is famous for its long sandy beaches, the adjacent Lake Kaiafa and the Kaiafa Thermal Baths. In recent decades, it is one of the fastest growing towns of Ilia.

Zaharo is a young and organized municipality. It has a kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary school, high school, high school, churches, post office, police station, courthouse, health center, tax office, banks and train station. Sports facilities include a football pitch, a basketball court and a public gym open to the public.

In the main square, which is very close to the highway, there are plane trees. The patron saint of Zaharo is Saint Spyridon, who is celebrating December 12, a local holiday day.

Zaharo was the seat of the municipality of Zaharo, and was formerly the seat of the homonymous Kapodistrian municipality.

   (+30) 262 536 0306 / 301, 262 503 6125
Health centres
   (+30) 262 503 4915
Port Authority
Fire Department
   (+30) 262 502 2900
Police Station
   (+30) 262 503 3333