Welcome to Zakinthos!

The capital and port of the island, built at the foot of Bohali hill. It is a modern town with good layout, rebuilt after the great earthquake of 1953, but with respect to traditional architecture. Old buildings and streets with arches, towering belfry and historic churches welcome us to create a romantic atmosphere and a nostalgic mood. It features the cosmopolitan Strata Marina and the beautiful squares, the historic Strani hill where it is said that Dionysius Solomos inspired the “Hymn to Freedom” and the “Free Sieges” and the hill of Bohakis with Ecclesiastes the chieftains, Kolokotronis, Nikitaras and Photomaras and the Venetian castle.
It is worth visiting the picturesque squares of the city, the Dionysios Solomos Square, the old Rouga Square and St. Mark’s Square, as well as Bochali with magnificent views, picturesque streets and traditional houses with fragrant gardens with bougainvilleas. In most restaurants and taverns you will hear traditional songs and songs, traditional Zakynthian songs.
You will swim at Kryoneri, EOT beach and Agia Triada, while taking a boat tour around the island and will experience the many photographed shipwreck, with its white, thick sand and the sunken shipwreck in the background.

   (+30) 269 536 1300 / 1301
Health centres
   (+30) 269 536 0500, 269 504 2514
Port Authority
   (+30) 269 502 8118
Fire Department
   (+30) 269 502 2199 / 2161
Police Station
   (+30) 269 504 2550, 269 502 2100