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The capital of the island is Megalochori with its stone-built houses, traditional cafes, white terraces where undercover figures in local costumes linger, tiled roofs, home-made ovens and the unique windmill that dominates. All these are combined with hotel units and tourist apartments in such a way that it does not alter the image of the place. It has been since ancient times the ship’s base and refueling point.
The island’s pure tourist settlement is Skala where you will enjoy comfortable accommodation in hotels, rooms and studios as well as authentic island taverns. You can still enjoy the nightlife in the small bars and cafes of the island. Musical varieties for all hours come to complement the excellent tourist organization. To the left of Skala is the tough, newly built tourist area with modern hotels and restaurants. All the beaches of the island are famous for their beauty. You can swim in the sandy beach of Skala, the beach of Megalochori, Drasezes and Xekofti. And for those who prefer serenity, the Small and Great Dragons, Aponissos and the deserted beaches of Mariza, Barriama and Kiafa are ideal. Finally, going left from the ladder of the ladder you will find Skliri with clear water and rocky, steep coast.

   (+30) 229 709 1260
Health centres
   (+30) 229 709 1215 / 1110
Port Authority
   (+30) 229 709 1541, 210 412 4585
Fire Department
Police Station
   (+30) 229 709 1201

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