Welcome to Gavdos!

White sand, blue waters, dunes and cedars in the background compose its image. A few rooms for rent, small taverns on the beach and a friendly mood are all that the island has to offer in terms of tourist amenities. But it is worth visiting for even one day. It is connected almost daily with Paleochora, Agia Poumeli and Chora Sfakion and the trip lasts 3-4 hours. Gavdos is identified with Ogygia, the island of Calypso where Odysseus sank and sought refuge.
The port that receives the ships is Karaves, while the capital of the island is Kastri. The settlements of the island are five in total and the southernmost inhabited village is called Vatsiana, with a total population of 23 inhabitants.
Gavdos is a large island located southwest of Crete and is the southernmost point of Europe. To get there with a starting point Chania you will head south to Paleochora and from the port of Paleochora you will take the ferry that takes three hours to arrive. Some scholars of Homeric history claim that Gavdos is the mythical Ogygia, the island of Calypso where Odysseus sank.
It is the ideal place for a quiet vacation. Cedars, rocks, sandy beaches spread everywhere, all bathed in the endless blue. There are two or three taverns for your food, but if you plan to spend the night you should probably camp.

   (+30) 222 135 5111 / 5112
Health centres
   (+30) 222 135 0100
Port Authority
   (+30) 222 102 8888
Fire Department
   (+30) 222 108 0631 / 0632
Police Station
   (+30) 222 102 2100

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