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Ios took its name in antiquity from the word Ia, meaning the flowers that grew abundantly on the island. Others say that Ios owes its name to the Phoenician word Ios, which means pile of stones.

One of the largest settlements of the Cycladic civilisation has been found on the hill Skarko, near the west coast of the island, with its natural harbour and the cultivated areas of Pano and Kato Kampos. The settlement has been dated to the Early Cycladic period II (Keros-Syros culture), about 2,700 to 2,300 BC. It is built on the eastern side of the hill and has a pericentric organization.

A typical Cycladic capital, picturesque and white, is built on the site of the ancient city, from which today only the temple of Pythian Apollo is preserved, near the church of Agia Catherine. At the top of the hill is the chapel of Agios Nikolaos and around it are the ruins of the medieval castle (1397). The windmills, narrow streets and the old settlement, which has been preserved, retain its picturesque nature. The nearest and best beach is that of Mylopotas, which has water sports equipment and is 3 km from Chora.

In Ios you will find picturesque taverns to bars, pubs and discotheques, where entertainment lasts until morning. Every May, the “Homeria” takes place, with the Pancycladic Student Theatrical Meeting, exhibitions and sports competitions, and concerts and theatrical performances are held throughout the summer at the Odysseus Elytis Open Theater.

The busiest beach of the island is Mylopotas, which is very close to Chora, while other nice beaches are Manganari, Gialos, Kolitsani, Koumbara, Kalamos, Sapounochoma, Papa’s beach, Psathi beach and Agia Theodoti. There are also many smaller beaches, which are quite difficult to access. The visitor of the island can do water sports. Windsurfing, wake-boarding, jet-skiing, diving and even kitesurfing are some of them. In Mylopotas and Manganari, as well as in the port, there are organized businesses of this kind.

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